Lynnwood Dental Center Review by Alison B

lynnwood dental review by alison

lynnwood dental review by alisonI had a mouth injury recently after flipping off a trampoline and called this dentist office immediately.  I was freaked out that I’d done irreversible damage to my two front teeth.  The answering service paged on-call staff who told me to go to U of W dental center.  Rather than do that, I decided I’d just wait until Monday morning and call to see if I could get an appointment.  After reading Susan’s review I was dismayed; I might not get the dental attention I truly needed.  So, I knew this was going to be a test which would make or break my existing relationship with this office.  Here is what happened:  I received a call from the office at 7:57 am that Monday morning and was invited to see Dr. Chavez an hour later at 9:00 am (maybe there was a cancellation?).  I expressed a concern whether the visit would be covered by my insurance and received a call back reassuring me that the visit would be covered 100%.  I found the staff that morning professional, concerned and downright compassionate … and Dr. Chavez examined my teeth as painlessly as possible.  As it turns out no permanent damage was revealed from the x-ray, which may have partly influenced my perception, but overall I am pleased to say that the service I received that Monday morning was outstanding.

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